a scientific approach to developing intuition | apocalypse survival kit

In my first post I urged people to develop their psychic and psionic abilities (siddhis) as a means of surviving various threatening scenarios. Then I wrote a list of siddhis to give people an idea of how many ways they can prepare and protect themselves. The diversity of the list allows people with different resonances (elemental balances, astrological placements, behavioral tendencies) to develop the siddhis they best “vibe with,” instead of wasting their time trying to develop ones that are beyond their current capability. (Note the double-meaning of “current.”)

Now I will write a guide to developing what I consider to be the most useful and universal siddhi of all: intuition.

Intuition is claircognizance, or clear-knowing. It’s the ability to skip past observation, evidence and proof to get straight to the truth. Being able to obtain truth without the limitations posed by time, information and analysis is a power indeed. Even if you never develop any other psychic or psionic strengths, this will be the siddhi that saves your life. Your intuition could lead you to food, to trustworthy allies, to safe shelters… the apocalyptic applications are innumerable.

And best of all, intuition is the easiest siddhi to develop.

People who consider themselves science-oriented will balk at the idea of intuition, and understandably so. Plenty of people have claimed to “know” things that ended up being downright false or even harmful. People have even tried to prophesy apocalypse dates, to no avail. So why should we believe intuition can be trusted? Why should we believe it’s A Thing at all?

But therein lies the problem. We look externally for proof of intuition, when intuition is strictly an internal experience. We trust the insights other people verbalize, and assume that they’re self-aware and wise enough to discern their intuition from anxiety. When they turn out to be wrong, we conclude that “intuition” itself is wrong. This is actually not very scientific of us πŸ˜‰

Intuition springs from self-awareness, not awareness of others. To enter the internal laboratory where intuition can be scientifically tested, you must first entertain the possibility that the Self is the only thing you can know. Everything outside of your internal lab is unverifiable. You can’t get inside someone else’s head, so how can you verify their claims? How can you ensure that their words match up with their thoughts? You can’t. You can only test intuition within yourself.

So when someone else says their intuition told them something, don’t just believe it by virtue of their strong conviction. Check in with your own intuition. Your intuition is meant to guide you. Theirs is meant to guide them.

It’s for this reason that I won’t attempt to make a case for the existence of intuition, or once-and-for-all prove that it’s real and reliable. I’m speaking as someone who has benefited from honing intuition for a decade. I can only tell you what has turned out to be true for me personally, but then you must go inward and see for yourself. Do not trust me. Do not trust anyone who claims to be able to access intuition on your behalf.

Step 1: Learn how to recognize your own Light (“You”)

If your “intuitive insight” sounds like the voice of God, it’s not You.
If your “intuitive insight” came from a demon or angel or extraterrestrial or spirit guide or ancestor, it’s not You.
If your “intuitive insight” came from a self-proclaimed psychic, medium, shaman, spiritual teacher, guru or life coach, it’s not You.
If your “intuitive insight” came from a holy scripture, it’s not You.
If your “intuitive insight” came from anywhere other than You, it’s not You.

And if it’s not You, it can’t be known, and therefore should not be blindly followed as truth.

Your intuition can only come from within. That’s why it’s called in-sight. That’s why the third eye points inward, instead of outward like the two physical eyes.

You are allowed to trust your Self before you trust anyone else. No matter what “authority” told you otherwise.

Step 2: Remove that which Obstructs Your Light

The shadowy quality of fear obstructs the light of intuition. This is where people get the most confused. Discerning your intuition apart from anxiety takes practice, and deep self-reflection. If you’re confused, reflect on the following:

If your intuition makes you feel anxious, it might be fear.
If it makes you feel evangelical, it might be fear.
If it makes you want to announce your insight to the world, it might be fear.
If it makes you want to dramatically warn others, it might be fear.
If it makes you feel more special than others, it might be fear.
If it makes you feel stubborn and arrogant, it might be fear.
If it makes you feel insecure or afraid of judgment, it might be fear.
If it makes you want to control what others think and do, it might be fear.
If it makes you worry that other people might not believe you or take you seriously, it might be fear.

If it makes you feel fear, work on releasing this. Most fear is ego-based. We worry about what people will think of us. We worry we’ll look stupid if we follow our own compass and turn out to be wrong.
We also, paradoxically, fear being right. We’ve been indoctrinated to suppress our own power, to submit to authority, to do what we’re told because others “know better.” When we start experiencing the mysterious truth of intuition, it challenges the very foundation of our beliefs. How can truth be so easy to access? How can truth be right inside us? So simple? So clear?

As you hone your intuition, you’ll begin to understand the paradox of Self-realization. The more you “go inside,” the more effortlessly you can learn about the “outside” world… because you’ll realize they’re one and the same.

Step 3: Observe How the Light Shines as Obstructions are Removed

Intuition, at least in its beginning stages, tends to occur spontaneously. This is where a mindfulness practice will come in handy. If you need help being mindful of your thoughts, consider using a mindfulness interval bell (there are apps for this). Whenever you hear the sound, take note of what you were thinking about at that moment.

You will begin to notice trends in your thoughts correlating to what’s happening in the world around you. For instance, you’ll start to notice just how often you think of someone right before they text you, or how a word will pop into your head before you see it on a passerby’s shirt. If you keep track of your dreams, you’ll also notice that you dream of things before they happen. That sort of thing.

Do not be alarmed or shocked. This is perfectly natural for humans. You just need to allow the supercomputer of your subconscious to connect with your conscious. That’s all intuition really is.

So pay attention to these moments of spontaneous insights, coincidences and synchronicities. It means you’re tapping into “the flow.”

Also, pay attention to how it feels when you have these spontaneous moments. This is the “scientific” part of developing intuition, where you learn to observe, measure and test different energetic states in your internal laboratory to determine what’s what.

For instance: If a friend texts you a minute after you thought of them, rewind the last minute of your memory immediately. Observe what you were feeling at the moment you thought of them. Did the thought of them feel like a FLASHING NEON SIGN? Did it feel DRAMATIC and IMPORTANT?

More often than not, the answer will be no. Intuition rarely announces itself with trumpets from the heavens, which most people expect to happen when they start honing it (then they end up disappointed when that doesn’t happen). Intuition usually feels quite simple and casual. Not like a BIG FAT EPIPHANY, but a quiet “whisper” of knowing. In fact, intuition is rarely accompanied by a sound or voice. Many intuitives, myself included, might describe it as a completely neutral and silent feeling. The dramatic emotions only come after the intuition comes to pass. When that friend texts you, you might go “Holy shit I was just thinking about you!!!” But in the moment you were thinking about them, you didn’t feel so excited and mind-blown. You just felt neutral.

So keep tapping into that judgment-free, objective energetic signature. Your intuition thrives there.

As you become comfortable existing in this state, intuition will come through more and more effortlessly.

Step 4: Let it Shine

You may have picked up by now that “honing your intuition” is really a fancy way of saying “learning to trust yourself.”

You maintain this intuitive state of being by making a commitment to self-trust. You can learn to trust yourself by proving to yourself that you are trustworthy.

So Live in Truth. Be your Self. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Take responsibility for your words and actions. Existing in a state of self-trust is crucial to developing intuition, as honesty restores the link between the conscious and subconscious (which is where your intuition/supercomputer operates).

I will write more about honesty / care-full speech as a means of developing siddhis in future posts. Until then, thank you for reading my guide to developing intuition. You are meant to relish the process of exploring and creating yourself. Have fun with it!

siddhis | a master list of known psychic powers + supernatural abilities

this is a master list of every siddhi (supernatural power) i’ve ever encountered, either from personal experience, witnessing friends perform them, or reading eyewitness accounts.

if you missed it, please see my first post making the case that every human can and should develop siddhis for themselves. instructions will be provided alongside certain siddhis when available.

if you think of one that’s not on the list, leave a comment & i’ll add it!

And remember, kids:

Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

the “clairs”
clairsentience (clear-feeling)
clairvoyance (clear-seeing)
clairaudience (clear-hearing)
clairalience (clear-smelling)
clairgustance (clear-tasting)
claircognizance (clear-knowing)

astral travel

the “kinetic” siddhis
telekinesis/psychokinesis – manipulating inanimate objects
pyrokinesis – manipulating fire
hydrokinesis – manipulating water
terrakinesis – manipulating earth
aerokinesis – manipulating air
electrokinesis – manipulating electricity
atmokinesis – manipulating weather
biokinesis – manipulating organisms (humans, plants, animals, etc.)
influencing outcomes of events

seeing/sensing auras around people
creating an auric shadow cloak/invisibility shield
inserting energy into someone’s aura
picking up information through someone’s name or photo (their address, past lives, astrological placements, traumas, etc.)
reading the energetic history of an object, building, place, etc.
absorbing energy from living beings (plants, animals, people, etc.)

energy manipulation
reiki (energy healing)
weaponized amplification of physical strike or vocalization
inserting thoughts/sounds/feelings into someone’s mind
inserting sensations in someone’s body

communication with spirits
communication with animals
communication with plants
communication with elementals (water, fire, earth, air, electricity)
reading minds
fluently speaking languages you’ve never learned
fluently playing an instrument you’ve never learned
speaking “the universal language” / translating unfamiliar languages
absorbing the contents of a book without opening it

materializing objects/food
secreting ectoplasm
creating conscious thoughtforms

changing one’s body temperature
changing one’s physical size/shape
changing one’s appearance/smell/aura/shadow

overcoming pain
overcoming hunger & thirst
transmuting energy into sustenance (“breatharianism”)
overcoming the urge to breathe

remote viewing
sensing when someone is talking or thinking about you
time travel
walking through walls
walking on water
walking on fire
not appearing in photos or reflections

awareness of parallel incarnations

You may find that you have a natural tendency towards certain siddhis more than others. This is totally fine. The journey of self-discovery that accompanies siddhi development can be fun, if you’re careful and discerning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you begin demonstrating siddhis, you may find that it’s better not to discuss your abilities openly. You might be accused of evil by people who don’t understand what they’re witnessing. Not to mention the many agenda-driven entities lurking in the subtle realms, eager to drain and manipulate rookie psychics who don’t know any better.

Conversely, you may also find yourself “mysteriously” attracting new people into your life with similar abilities & heightened states of awareness. We tend to “find” each other more effortlessly as we shine brighter. Enjoy learning with your new friends, and bask in the amplified synergy!

I don’t say any of this to freak you out. I say this to give you a realistic idea of what to expect as you begin your process of developing siddhis. There are pleasures that await you, as well as dangers. Everything in life involves risk; it’s up to you to determine what risks you consider worthwhile in proportion to their reward. The choice is always yours. You are a free being.

Be well πŸ™‚

so it begins | coronavirus as declaration of spiritual warfare

In this post I Will make the case that COVID-19 is a man-made (read: necro-engineered) sickness, designed with the intention of terror-izing humanity both physically and spiritually. Thus, in response to this physiospiritual warfare, humans should begin seriously studying and developing their siddhis (supernatural abilities), in order to defend themselves, protect each other, and contribute to a future path in which we have a fighting chance against the New World Order.

If this sounds insane to you, I can only kindly request that you read this post in full, with an open mind, and deeply consider the ideas shared herein — bearing in mind the limitations of the written word to convey extraordinary ideas. Just know: my intention is not to fear-monger or promote any particular brand of spirituality/religion, but to in-spire. Whether you take me seriously is your uncorruptible, sacred choice.

With that, I thank you for your time and consideration. Now, here’s my proposal:

Code Name Coronavirus: What Does it Real-ly Mean?

corona (n.) / 1650s, “a crown,” from Latin corona
virus (n.) / late 14c., “poisonous substance,” from Latin virus

corona-virus, dis-spelled, means: crown poison

So: we are current-ly, collectively, experiencing a sickness of the crown.

This can be interpreted in a few ways:

If COVID-19 was indeed engineered as a bioweapon against humanity, it can be argued that we are dealing with a poison-ing crown — meaning, the “crown” (governmental power) is act-ively poisoning We the People.

It can also mean that weakening humanity’s collective crown is the agenda behind this man-u-factured dis-ease.

What do I mean by ‘Humanity’s Collective Crown?’

The Saharasrara Chakra, more widely known as the crown chakra, is the energy vortice in the human body responsible (response-able) for higher perception, communication with The Divine, and interconnectedness to all of existence. Saints, ascended masters and mystics are often pictured with a radiant halo around their head. This indicates that they’ve activated their crown chakra. Activating one’s crown requires spiritual practice (or, if you prefer, spiritual training. We’ll come back to this distinction later.)

Earlier this year, when threatened by the weaponized crown (a.k.a. the government) the majority of humans immediately engaged in root-related activities, such as staying at home and panic-buying toilet paper (home, fear and excrement are associated with the root chakra).

In other words, we fell from the grace of our personal & collective crowns (which allow us to connect and see through deception) down into our muddy, stagnant roots (where we stay in one place, immobilized and disempowered). Our crowns have been successfully poisoned.

As we stay rooted, a “novel corona-virus” a.k.a. new poison crown is taking the throne. Welcome to the New World Order. The government has officially set a precedent of total control under the guise of “protecting” you. You can be arrested for leaving your home without Their permission. And we are under unfathomable surveillance even inside our homes, via “ether”net-connected devices like smartphones and AI assistants.

So what do we do?

Well, if we’re going to be rooted for a while, we might as well build a new foundation for ourselves. Spending ample time at home gives us plenty of time to go inward and explore our innerspace. This is the space wherein we can’t be controlled by any external government — though, believe me, they are viciously trying to conquer us on the subtle (astral, etheric, etc.) planes, too. (I’ll write more about the military’s interest in psychic warfare in future posts; for now, check out this and this.)

It’s not too late to “go inside”…

Enter the ancients. They were onto something.

Agni: the Hindu “god of fire,” or a human with pyrokinesis?

Something that is not widely understood about religious “myths” (particularly pre-Christian, polytheistic systems like Hinduism and Egyptian Kemetism) is that they contain practical (read: practice-able) information about attaining spiritual power. There’s a reason the gods look like humans. They are humans. In fact, in Hinduism, it is plainly stated many times that Shiva was a human yogi who achieved godhood through devoted spiritual practice. Some have even theorized that Jesus Christ was an occultist, disseminating spiritual instructions in the form of parables. “He who hath ears, let him hear,” “the Kingdom of heaven is within you,” and “seek and you shall find” were all coded ways of saying you can perform miracles, too, provided that you see the truth obscured by the metaphor.

Jesus and many other spiritual warriors, both famous and unheard of, showed us exactly how to overcome oppression. The answer has always been out in the open… and, paradoxically, inside of each of us.

Psychic powers (which I will hereon call “supernatural abilities” or “siddhis” to avoid the silly connotation) have been observed in humans since, well, forever. But a divine human in a purely chaotic state cannot be controlled. And to a government whose power depends on energetic theft (“psychic vampirism”), this is incredibly threatening. As a consequence, many disinformation campaigns have cropped up over the course of human history, with the singular goal of making us believe “god” is something that only occurs outside of us, that “powers” aren’t real, that “superhumans” only exist in the genre of fantasy.

But the truth is that we all have literal superpowers latent within us. All children are born knowing this, until we indoctrinate them to think otherwise… lest their un-adult-erated chaotic state threaten to up-root us from our false sense of order.

There Truly is an ongoing conspiracy against human enLightenment. The New World Order does not only entail total control of the world’s physical resources, but also spiritual resources. The human soul is the ultimate spiritual resource, as it can be drained of its energy which is then converted into someone else’s power. The chaotic energy latent in all humans can be, and is being, harvested on subtle levels that most humans can no longer detect, as we have been disconnected from our subtle awareness.

Again: I’m not fear-mongering. I’m just telling you what I’ve seen using all 3 of my eyes…

Now let’s say siddhis are literally real supernatural powers that any and every human being is capable of developing, right Here and Now. And let’s imagine a scenario in which humans in this year 2020 (knowing 2020 is often used as code for perfect EyeSight) decide to tap into this pure potential and develop siddhis, in rebellion against the ghastly New World Order. Imagine the implications of this rebellion:

A human who can teleport cannot be imprisoned.

A human who can become invisible cannot be spied on.

A human who can turn light into food cannot be tortured with starvation.

A human who can read minds can sense the hidden motives of an enemy who pretends to be an ally.

And that’s just the short list.

So how does one start developing siddhis? First,

Crown yourself.

It used to be perfectly acceptable to consider oneself a divinely powered being. Now, this same mentality is cruelly labeled “schizophrenia.” It’s quite bold of the American Psychological Association to unilaterally decide that nobody is divine, and to believe in one’s natural divinity is a mental illness. What gives the APA the spiritual authority to write a new Bible (the DSM) that tells us who we are and how to act? Nobody did. They give authority to themselves.

And we can do the same.

It is time to crown ourselves with the authority to uncover the truth that is being hidden from us:

As a human being, it is your birthright to explore your inner space, govern your own life, freely believe and perceive and conceive as you desire, and become empowered by lifeforce (kundalini/chi/prana/energy/Love/Light/etc.). You have the right to Life, given that you do not infringe on anyone else’s right to Life.

Anyone who attempts to strip you of this divine birthright is your spiritual Enemy. You have the right to defend yourself from the Enemy, by any means necessary.

You have been programmed to fear words like “power” and “chaos” because if you real-ly knew how powerful and chaotic (uncontrollable/free) you are, your suffering would end instantly.

So begin. Learn what you’re capable of. Stop waiting for the perfect proof or someone else’s permission. Start experimenting with your personal power, NOW. The freedom of humanity is counting on you. Devote yourself to a spiritual training regimen as if you’re training for spiritual warfare, because you are.

Ephesians 6:12-13
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.


Thank you for reading my first post. I was in-spired to launch this blog by a series of intuitive insights and revelations, which I arrived at from exploring my InnerSpace. I strongly advise you to do the same. I see many, many, many blogs/instagrams/youtube channels scaring people with warnings about spiritual enemies — but hardly anyone offers solutions other than “start prepping” and/or “pray to God for help.” What a fatalistic, disempowering message. With this blog, I hope to act as a counter-perspective to the mindless, hopeless fear-mongering. I will be sharing some of my own personal experiences with siddhis, as well as collecting & curating anecdotes about siddhis from other sources around the “web.”

My next post will be a master list of known siddhis, from which you can pick and choose the ones you want to train yourself to do.

Stay attuned πŸ˜‰